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5 reasons to drink more water to improve your pole dance performance

Drink more water, drink more water, drink more water …. We hear it all the time, especially when we do a little or a lot of sports. The only problem is that we don’t really know why we should do it. And that makes the motivation of critical and contradictory minds like mine, pretty complicated or even impossible.

It took me a while to get to the right and structured info that motivated me to do a long test (at this exact moment it’s almost 6 months of testing). The first results were so convincing that I don’t see how I can : 1) backtrack and 2) not to share the information with you.

After several months of experience, I finally understand how little water I drank before (even when I thought I was drinking a lot!). Today, I understand that I was so not used to drinking water that I did not even really feel the difference between hunger and thirst (!).

Your body needs to be hydrated. Drink more water

Our body needs to be hydrated and first of all from inside. Drinking water is crucial.

As for me, I saw quite rapidly the changes in terms of digestion, flexibility (splits and especially the back) and the state of my skin that pushed me to continue my research a little bit further. Obviously, after the influence on my health, what I was super interested to know what benefits could bring water into the pole dance practice. Here is the list of 5 points, which summarizes my investigations, largely confirmed by my own experience:

  • Sufficient hydratation improves flexibility

And yes, it was one of the best surprises I’ve had! I am not naturally flexible and every inch gained counts. I’ve seen the results already after a few weeks, especially in my back. This pleasant bonus prompted me to search for the explanation which now seems to me so obvious. Muscles contain a lot of water. If their hydration rate is not sufficient, they “dry out” and become less elastic. That’s it!

  • Fewer tendinitis, tears and other trauma

« Dried out » muscles, tendons and parched joints also mean greater risk of injury. But it’s not the only reason. Dehydration is also an excessive accumulation of salts and toxins in the body that prevent proper functioning of the whole organism and can lead to calcification of the joints, tears of the tissues and tendinitis. Besides, tendinitis are so frequent and make suffer so many pole dancers. Wrist tendinitis is the most common in our sport. The good news is that they can be lessen or even eliminated from your sports life.

Why a pole dancer should drink more water

More flexibility, fewer injuries… drink more water!

  • Less creeks

Creeks are also very common. If you have them, it means that you don’t drink enough water! I remember my pole starts. I was a real « camel » and I often suffered creeks in my feet. Especially when I tried to point my feet or make a trick where my legs were in high tension. It is very unpleasant but remedial! One of the reasons for creeks is the lack of magnesium and potassium due to dehydration. So don’t wait, drink! (some pure still water!!!)

  • Better recovery after training

Hydrated body = less painful and better recovery after exercise. Aches are caused by micro muscle fiber lesions. But as we already know, the hydrated muscle is more flexible and less brittle, and therefore more resistant to stress. When it comes to recovery after an intensive sports session, it’s also simple: during the training you lose a lot of water, minerals and micro-elements. Water compensates for these deficiencies in the body and prevents fatigue caused by dehydration. Indeed, when the body is dehydrated, the kidneys have more difficulty to clean the body of toxins. Storing more and more toxins, our organism is permanently intoxicated. This causes, among other unpleasant consequences and fatigue. It is therefore very important to hydrate your body before, during and after the training.

  • Refines silhouette, reduces cellulite

Oh this point is so important for us who spend our time half naked trying to do the tricks that make visible everything we try to hide … Who recognises? You do? So this part is for you! I’ve read somewhere that you could slim down if you drink more water but I couldn’t really make a logical connection. What was my surprise when after 3 months and a half of experience I lost some weight and I noticed that cellulite has decreased ! So I started to search for the scientific explanation.

What is cellulite? These are fat cells that accumulate excesses and toxins that the body hasn’t managed to eliminate. These accumulated toxins can be especially a result of inadequate or excessive feeding and late meals. The supersaturation of these cells leads to inflammation, makes them swell and prevents the good circulation of the lymph. Toxins can be eliminated with water, that cleans the cells gradually. It means that the more we drink and the more we help our cells to get rid of the stored waste. But be careful, too much water is also the risk of eliminating too many minerals. I will talk about the quantities to drink at the end of the article.

In addition, you certainly know that the chronic lack of water creates water retention in the body. It is therefore logical that when you drink more, you give more chances to your body to eliminate all the useless waste! Does it motivate you? 😉

Water is essential for our life, our health, our skin

Drinking pure water = less toxines, less creeks, less cellulite… And a body in form!

Drinking water and only water? When, how much, how?

There are lots of different facts about the water and how to consume it.

I have studied a variety of sources and have come to the following rules:

1. Drink water, only water! And yes, still and pure water is the drink that hydrates the best (and which does not have to be digested cf rule 3. Sometimes we feel like we drink a lot (tea, coffee, juice, sodas, etc.) but in reality our body does not always receive the necessary hydration! Let’s take concrete examples: for example tea and coffee are necessarily diuretics (especially coffee!) So they will eliminate water from the body and dehydrate it. Whenever you take it, consider compensating with pure water. I don’t even mention sodas or beer. If you are interested in this topic, leave a comment and I will tell more about each drink in a dedicated article.

2. Start your day with 2-3 glasses of water (it’s not always easy at first, take your time to drink them). Why ? This technique relaunch the organism gently, awaken it from the deep sleep. It also has tremendous benefits on the body and has been tested and approved by Japanese medicine. You can read this article for more information.

3. Consume warm, body temperature water or at least ambient. Why? Our body needs to be at 37 °, especially to digest properly. If you drink cold water, you cool your tummy. Your body will be forced to warm it up. Not only will you spend energy unnecessarily, just to bring the water back to the right temperature but in addition you are blocking your digestion. If you are used to drinking cold water during the meal it’s even worse.

4. By the way, rule n°4, do not drink during the meals, but at least 40 minutes before and 1 hour after the meal. Why? If you drink during the meal, the water dilutes the digestive juices. The body will therefore have a harder time digesting anything you have eaten before. And in addition, when we drink during meals we tend to chew food less. But this first step of dissection is very important.

5. The minimum of water requirement per day is 30 ml per kilo of weight. So a person who makes 50 kg should drink at least 1.5 liter. But you should know that this minimum is general and does not take into account differences, such as the physical activity of the person. There is a great app, WaterBalance, which defines the optimal amount according to your profile (gender, age, physical activity) and allows you to track how much you drink during the day. In addition to being playful and visual, it allows to add not only water but also other drinks. Try to add a cup of coffee and you will see what happens. 🙂

Want to look young and fresh? Drink more water

Our skin also needs to be hydrated and not only from outside. Do you want your skin look young and fresh? Drink water ! 😉

My own practice shows that it is easier to drink in the morning than in the afternoon. I try to drink 2/3 of my standard (I drink around 2.2 liters for 46 kg) before noon.

Find the way that fits you the most: some people drink more easily 2 large bottles than 4-5 small ones. Little by little you will surprise yourself to detect the signal of thirst more easily and you will realise that you want to drink much more often than before! Once the good habit is taken, your body will guide you.

Out of curiosity, make a picture before you start and write down your weight to compare with your results after a few months!

So now you have all the tips, it’s your turn to play! Take it like a game and you’ll be surprised by the results. 🙂

Was this article helpful to you? Let us know: read, comment, share with your friends. This is a simple test that gives us an indication on the topics that interest you. Do you want me to talk about specific topics? Do not hesitate to write to me to suggest topics or ask questions that interest you! See you soon for a recipe of a healthy and delicious dessert! 😉

Healthy life is about doing sports, eating healthy food and drinking enough pure water

Faites du sport, mangez bien, buvez de l’eau… recette qui marche pour tout le monde 😉

Do sports, eat healthy, drink water… The recipe that is good for everyone 🙂

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