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Frequent questions

We’re often asked questions about our products. We’ve decided to answer here to the most frequent ones.


How size Pole & Me outfits? How to choose my size if I hesitate?

Pole & Me outfits are rather small. We based on French sizes that are smaller than European or American ones. In case of hesitation we always advise to take a larger size.

If you have a doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your measurements, we will be happy to help you!

Are the tops suitable for strong breasts?

We did a huge job to give a good support to our bra. However, we must remain clear, if our one stripe tops are among the most effective in their class, the maintenance will not be miraculous for large breasts.

On the contrary, the Romantic Top has been thought for everyone including girls with a generous bosom. It gives a very good support thanks to the laces that you can tighten as hard as you need it.

Romantique polewear set by Pole & Me

Romantique top is adapted for generous breasts.

Are the materials used sustainable?

We focus primarily on quality and comfort. We choose soft materials that last in time. A Pole & Me outfit will serve you for many seasons without becoming deformed.

Are the outfits resistant to frequent washing?

Our first customers have been wearing their outfits for more than two years and despite frequent washes the outfits keep their shape and colours. This is the best proof of quality, isn’t it?

How are Pole & Me outfits different from others?

Pole & Me outfits are really designed for intensive training.

For this we pay a lot of attention with the comfort and the cut. During the training you need to feel safe. That’s why all our shorts have a relatively covering cut with a wide crotch.

Comfort also means a nice touch to the skin. We only use soft materials and flat seams to prevent irritations and provide a comfortable feeling of wrapping.

The materials and seams are also extremely resistant to endure hours and hours of training.

High quality polewear by Pole & Me

Pole & Me outfits : quality and comfort come before all the rest.

What if I have a small budget?

We know that among our customers there are people who can not afford to buy a high-end outfit.


Especially for them, we have set up a payment in 3 times at no extra cost. This is an option that is offered directly on the website at the moment of payment.


If you still have some questions, feel free to contact us ! 😉

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