Olga has dazzled us from the very first seconds of her PoleArt Cyprus 2014 performanc

We strongly believe in Olga’s future in pole dance. We wish to support it sustainably in its development as a high-level sportswoman.

Olga started pole dancing at the age of 8,5. From the very beginning she got passioned by the discipline and already after several weeks of trainings she was on stage during the gala show of the studio Trash. Her development was rapid and after 5 years of pole dancing Olga became one of the most well-known pole dancers of the world.
Often called « alien », Olga is in a constant research of new tricks and transitions. But it’s on the scene that we can completely savor her talent of a top athlete and an extraordinary artist at the same time.


  • Junior winner – IPSF World sports championship 2013 London
  • Champion of Russia (adult category) – 2013 Krasnodar, Russia
  • Winner of the TV show ‘Minute of Fame’ 2014, Russia
  • Opened pole sport Brazil 2014
  • Junior winner – PoleArt Cyprus 2014, Limassol
  • Vertical Arts Show – Stuttgart 2015, Germany
  • Elite women winner – Pole Art France 2015, Bordeaux
  • Winner of the Stars category – Pole Art Cyprus 2015, Limassol
  • Young Elite winner – Pole Art Italy 2016, Milan
  • Top Stars finalist – Pole Dance Championship 2016, Prague


Minute Of Fame Russia 2014

PoleArt Cyprus 2014

PoleArt Cyprus 2015

Pole Art Italy 2016

Pole Dance Championship 2016

Pole Art Cyprus 2016