Silicon Grip Option for Flying Pole

Add a silicone surface for a better grip of the Flying Pole Pro.
Silicone is transparent, you can still choose the colour you prefer.
The silicone coating add 4 mm diameter to the pole.


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Ce revêtement silicone est disponible en option pour la Flyin Pole Pro.

  • Ajoute une surface silicone pour un meilleur grip.
  • Le silicone est transparent, ainsi tu peux toujours choisir la couleur que tu désires.
  • Le revêtement ajoute 4mm diamètre de la barre


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Partnership between Gympole and Pole & Me is first of all the result of a beautiful acquaintance.

We offer you the best outfits possible and we were looking for the best stage possible for our photo and video shootings. Until then we had different problems: too small space, too flexible structure, the lack of stability, the design …
And we have finally found a creator as demanding as us!
The technical solutions are innovative, robust, easy to use. The product is beautiful, safe and pleasant to pole !

It’s a pure happiness !


Gympole is a young brand of pole dance equipment from the Czech Republic created by Veronika Dolanska. Its product line is already complete.
In addition to the stage we also suggest Active Pole Pro, a genius system to practice in nature.
You want to go further in aerial arts? We can also offer you a great Flying Pole.
For technical reasons we distribute all the Gympole product line except the poles longer than 2 meters. We unfortunately have to exclude the classic poles for the studios and home use. Indeed, Gympole has chosen to sell only one piece poles for this type of use. This choice avoids the joints to get used too fast and increases durability of the products in comparison to other poles. If you’re interested by other products, don’t hesitate to contact Gympole directly.