Gympole Superior Set

Get a complete solution with Active Pole Pro + Gympole Stage at a reduced price. An exclusive set totally produced in Europe.
Gympole Superior Set : reliable, versatile, easily transportable and nice to use. 2 years of warranty.


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The Superior Set is composed of:

  • A Gympole stage
  • A 306 cm pole dance pole in two pieces that can be used on the Active Pole Pro system or the Gympole stage
  • An Oneclick system
  • An Active Pole system that screw in the ground
  • Transport bags

For a cheaper price, you get:

1- An Active Pole Pro to pole outside in barely probable places.

2- An exclusive design stage that can be used indoors or outdoors on a flat surface.

Why you should choose Gympole equipment:

1- Enjoyable use experience.
  • Gympole uses only oversized, premium quality bearings that give to the poles a perfect spin, even when fully loaded.
  • The stainless steel bars are perfectly polished to improve the grip
  • Installation and transport are facilitated to the maximum


2- Gympole is a guarantee of quality and durability.
  • All Gympole equipment is designed in collaboration with athletes, teachers and pole studios. This makes it possible to constantly improve the products and to lengthen their lifespan during the lessons or the training sessions. Each piece of the stage is checked before being mounted. The stages are carefully assembled in the Czech Republic in a small workshop and tested before shipping.
  • Gympole sets the quality standard very high, using only European premium quality materials: stainless steel and wood are carefully selected, the wooden base is hand finished with a special water resistant wax.
  • The assembly system and structure of the Gympole stage and the one of the Active Pole Pro are both simple and very robust. A minimum of tools ensures an ultra-fast assembly.
3- Constant innovation. Gympole has already introduced several innovations that make life easier for pole dancers and are constantly improving their products. Here are the examples of innovations already started:
  • The Oneclick System is the revolution in the world of pole. It makes it possible to switch from spinning mode to static mode in one movement and without using special tools. The system is protected by a cover to prevent unwanted passage during a choreo.
  • The innovative joint system protects the parts of the pole and makes mounting very fast and easy. Just snap the conical end of the upper piece into the lower piece. And to disassemble, just give it a shot using the special Gympole wedge and a paddle.
  • Not only the equipment but also the transport bags represent a real revolution. Gympole uses ultra-robust fabrics and strengthens highly stressed areas. The central piece is contained in a trolley with wheels with two resistant wrists for easy transport.
  • Le système de raccord innovant protège les pièces de la pole et rend le montage ultra rapide et facile. Il suffit de d’insérer en claquant l’extrémité conique de la pièce supérieure dans la pièce inférieure. Et pour démonter, il suffit de donner un petit coup en utilisant le coin et le maillet spéciales Gympole.
  • Non seulement les équipements mais également les sacs de transport représente une véritable révolution. Gympole utilise des tissus ultra robustes et renforce les zones hautement sollicités. La pièce centrale est contenue dans un coffret à roulettes avec deux poignets résistants pour faciliter le transport.
Stage :
  • 45mm pole diameter
  • 3.165m total height
  • 9.6cm thickness of base
  • 184cm width of base in widest point
  • 44kg weight of central bearing unit including moving skate and case
  • 2x24kg weight of base unit with cases (2x case for floor plates)
  • 17kg weight of case for sub-frames
  • 13kg weight of pole
  • 122 kg total weight


Screw system :
  • Weight of complete system and tools is 22 kg

Partnership between Gympole and Pole & Me is first of all the result of a beautiful acquaintance.

We offer you the best outfits possible and we were looking for the best stage possible for our photo and video shootings. Until then we had different problems: too small space, too flexible structure, the lack of stability, the design …
And we have finally found a creator as demanding as us!
The technical solutions are innovative, robust, easy to use. The product is beautiful, safe and pleasant to pole !

It’s a pure happiness !


Gympole is a young brand of pole dance equipment from the Czech Republic created by Veronika Dolanska. Its product line is already complete.
In addition to the stage we also suggest Active Pole Pro, a genius system to practice in nature.
You want to go further in aerial arts? We can also offer you a great Flying Pole.
For technical reasons we distribute all the Gympole product line except the poles longer than 2 meters. We unfortunately have to exclude the classic poles for the studios and home use. Indeed, Gympole has chosen to sell only one piece poles for this type of use. This choice avoids the joints to get used too fast and increases durability of the products in comparison to other poles. If you’re interested by other products, don’t hesitate to contact Gympole directly.