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Top 3 polewear brands according to us

By 4 June 2018 Uncategorized

The number of brands in the pole market is growing, but it’s getting harder and harder to choose.

We have selected the top 3 brands that today offer very qualitative clothing and take into account the constraints of our sport.


1. Mila Krasna

The creator of Mila Krasna is a high-end fashion designer. She has the merit of having brought this touch of haute couture to the pole dance clothing market. Mila Krasna offers a wide choice of models that can be combined with each other.

Mila Krasna : polewear brand from Slovenia.

 2. Dragonfly brand

Dragonfly – one of the oldest brands on the pole market. Initially designed for yoga, the brand offers a choice of pole outfits but also leggings. It offers a basic collection with a good choice of colours and limited editions that appear several times a year.

Dragonfly : polewear brand from the Czech Republic

3. Pole & Me

Pole & Me – these are sportswear with a modern and elegant look. The focus is made on comfort and quality. The outfits give a sense of security and freedom of movement. The range is small but the models have very different characters to please everyone.

Pole & Me : polewear brand from France

All the three brands leave nothing to chance: all the details are studied, the finishes treated and the high quality is guaranteed. The outfits are resistant, made from OEKO-TEX fabrics and of course very beautiful. 😉

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