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Hi everyone !

Here we are for a new series of interviews with our Pole & Me Fairies !

This time we’ll travel to Germany and have a nice chat with increvable pole fairy Rania Elle Asami ! If you don’t know her yet, you definitely should! Why? This girl is full of inspiration: she has her particular style, a huge capacity to create new stuff all the time and in addition she has a beautiful personality!

Well, just read our exclusive interview and you’ll understand everything! 😉

Rania Elle Asami, pole dancer

Nom :  Rania Elle Asami

Age :  33 years

Vient de :  Germany

Métier :  pole dancer, athlète, pole teacher

  • Tell us some words about you 🙂

    My name is Rania and I live in Leipzig, Germany. I love cats, animals in general, pole, my friends and above that my family! I’ve always been the creative type of person. I love to dream and to drift away with my thoughts. I love sleeping. So, so much. I could sleep all day if there weren’t the other nice things mentioned before! And I love food!

    When and how did you start pole dancing ? What is your pole story ?

    I started pole dancing by the end of 2012. Originally I wanted to do silk classes, because I could try it a couple of times when I was studying and living in Japan. But when I returned to Germany it was very hard to find a free spot back then. So after a while, I was thinking of an alternative and then pole dancing came into my mind. I saw some girls doing pole back in Japan. Then I instantly booked a class and was hooked ever since.

Rania Elle Asami – World Pole Theatre – Photo credits Rudvilag

  • Did teaching became your full time job ? Or you have a regular job ?

    Yes, teaching and performing. I am working both as an artist and as a trainer and I think it is a nice balance. This is my regular job. But I have been always working as a freelancer beside my studies already. I know I would continue my freelancer work. Either as a teacher for Japanese and translator or as it eventually became: a pole dancer.

    Do you have your own studio ?


    What attracts you in pole dancing ?

    Everything. We all have our common pole dancer agreement about what is so nice about that sport. I definitely share all these thoughts, but moreover it took my mind to another level about my body and about how I see things in live. I have always had a good body feeling I would say – which is also very helpful for teaching – but through pole dancing I further opened up my mind to also other disciplines like dancing, acrobatics, yoga etc. and most importantly to other people. It’s nice sharing this passion and to see how it connects people. Also, I learned that I don’t need all the material stuff, nor even special places or accessories, but only my healthy body to be happy. So in the end it is not about pole dancing, it is about sharing a passion and growing from it. This might be any other discipline or thing for somebody else.

    Did you practice other sports before pole dancing?

    Of course I did some sports before. I mean who hasn’t. But most people thought right from the start (and even today) that I have a gymnastic or even dancing background like ballet which I don’t. I tried a gym for a couple of times during my life but cancelled very quickly, because I felt it was too boring haha. But as a kid I always would have made some handstands in my room or in our apartment just for fun. I guess, I kind of always had it in me. 🙂

  • And now, do you practice other disciplines?

    Basically, I try to incorporate flexibility and strengthening exercises into my warm-up routine or after my training. Of course the pole training doesn’t merely consists of being on pole. In fact, it is the minor part, at least for my training. But I visited some dancing classes, tried modern dancing and ballet. For me, ballet is the hardest discipline in the world.

    Can you give us an example of you weeks’ activities/trainings?

    My typical training week depends a lot on what kind of event is coming up. If I am preparing a competition or an act, I mainly train the choreography of course. My warm-up phases will be shorter and shorter and it is all about dancing the routine (after choreographing and everything). If I don’t prepare anything, I do my usual wam-up, as well as strengthening and flexibility exercises and then going to the pole for revising old stuff or trying new things. Of course beside that, I am still preparing and teaching my classes and private lessons. My training can vary between 4 and 7 times a week. Sometimes twice a day. But it is not about the length of the session, but about its efficiency and logical structure!!

    You have your own angel’s style. How did you manage to find your own style ? How do you work to make your flow so smooth ?

    Oh have I though? Well, thank you. To be honest, there are times when I am happy about how I look like on the pole and then there are times where I am not. But my goal is not to create a special style on purpose. I think this is useless. A style will grow and even adapt as you are growing and changing. I might have improved my art and way of moving in terms of smoothness and expression, but I think that when you have a look at my older videos there has always been my certain way of moving, like everyone has. It’s unique. So I guess the difference and improvement is all about practice, practice, practice.

Rania Elle Asami – Photo credits Clem Pillier

Where do find inspiration ?

Of course I am using Instagram videos and pictures just to see what is going on. And sometimes I can find inspiration from them. But most of the times inspiration comes from my everyday life. When I am driving in my car or walk the dog and breathing fresh air. It might seem weird for some people, but a huge source of inspiration are also my own videos because they show me all the stuff I have already done and remind me of what I have to  do. Also my students inspire me a lot! From them I am getting the coolest variations because they force me to: I have to meet their needs and so I need to think how it might work for them.

Today pole dancers are looking for better performance. Do you do something special to stay in form and be so thin? Maybe a special diet ?

No. I mean, I am a vegetarian, but this is not something special for me. Luckily, I don’t have any problems with my weight, so I eat what I want to. I train a lot, so I need calories, carbs and proteins. I love pasta, pizza, rice and POTATOES ! And lots of fruits.

Every body is different. It needs different training to reach a certain goal and different food to reach a special weight. But I guess this is a subject on its own.

What about special exercises? Do you have a special program or you do only pole? 

I mainly do pole dancing. For me, I find it very relaxing to do some stretching exercises also right before going to bed. But I just train how I feel. Otherwise it would get boring for me.

Rania Elle Asami

Rania Elle Asami – Photo credits Andreas Liedl

You have participated in different competitions. How many ? Do you enjoy competing ? What does it give to you ?

Oh, I can’t count anymore 😀 My first competition I did after 3 months of pole dancing haha. I tried to enjoy them, but I could not always. But I leaned to enjoy it. Competitions for me are now an opportunity to create a new routine and to focus on special tricks, transitions and dancing parts. It is a great chance to grow and the preparation is the most important part in my opinion. But I don’t mean it in the sense of having a flawless routine in the end, but in the sense of valuing the TIME I am spending for it. Not only is it real work, but it also is a great amount of the time of my own life, so I am seeking to make it a very nice one! I am also teaching this approach to my students. It is not only important to focus on the 4 minutes you eventually have on stage, but also on every minute before and after! By doing so you will NEVER lose. Do you know what I mean?

How did you feel when you ranked 1st for the first time ?

It was the most overwhelming competition. Because it was the one I did after 3 months of practice, so it was kind of unreal !

You try to create a new routine for every competition. How do you find ideas for the new routines ?

It is amazing. The more I create, the more creative I get. I have so many ideas in my mind. They last for the next 5 years haha… I think it is a bundle of all my inspirations I mentioned before and the fact that I am creating so much. It is like an automatic flow.

Rania Elle Asami – Photo credits Andreas Liedl

How do you manage to stay motivated ?

I don’t know … 😀 kidding… When I am thinking of any current alternatives there are for me, I am glad that I chose this one! It just feels right. This is my motivation. But also pausing helps :p

Do you have any favorite pole dancers that you follow for inspiration ?

I am following so many amazing pole dancers, dancers, sports people and yogis on Instagram. For me Olga Trifonova is one of the biggest inspirations. I saw her first when she was like 10 years old and I already knew, she would be the best in the world. And now, we have met and created this beautiful moments together. I could have never imagined this. And the best thing is, that she is one soul of a girl. So sweet, humble and a NINJA!

Also, I can’t take my eyes of Anastasia Skukhtorova. Love her!

Do you have a pole dream ?

It is not only pole related but: I’m having in fact this real dream very often that I am super flexible in my back and do all the stuff I want (not only on the pole). It really feels like this has been my life before or will be in the next life or hopefully this one! 😀

You’re now one of the Pole & Me fairies. What did you make to accept our partnership offer ? Are you satisfied with it ? What do you think about Pole & Me clothes ?

I feel very honored to be part of the fairy team. Your clothes are very comfortable and nice, no question about that. Everything stays in place and I can focus on my training.

But more importantly, I am happy about our partnership because your have a lovely personality and this is what I am seeking for in relationships with others. I couldn’t work with someone just because of the money or fame, I need authenticity and honest relations. Life is too short !

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