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Luxury wooden design of Gympole stage

What is the most important for pole practice? A good pole, a comfortable outfit and possibly a grip that holds well. You already know our outfits in which we put all our heart to make them comfortable, durable and pleasant to wear. Today I would like to speak more about poles and more exactly stages.

Gympole stage : the most aesthetic stage for pole dancing

To create visual content for Pole & Me, we wanted to get out of video and photo studios, to go outside. It had been a long time since we were looking for a beautiful, really stable stage, easy to assemble and disassemble. In our research we studied all brands and on the web all pole stages seemed unique, the best, etc. etc. So we decided to wait and to test them in real life. We managed to test the brands like LupitPole, The Pole, X-Pole, Fitpole and Gympole.

Each stage had its qualities and its disadvantages. Some were very light but not stable at all, others were cheap but complicated to assemble. In short, we came to the conclusion that a perfect stage didn’t exist but that there’s one almost perfect (at least for our needs). Guess which one?

Gympole stage : easy and ultra fast to assembly

Easy and ultra fast to assembly, your Gympole stage is ready fr practice in less than 5 minutes

The stage of our dreams

The Gympole stage has completely seduced us. It is beautiful, high, ultra easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, rather convenient to carry. This stage has something very noble. But besides that, it is very stable (because heavy) despite the height (3.16 m), the pole has a good grip and spins very well.

We decided to dig a little deeper into the question of how manufacturers are producing it. What was our pleasure to find a couple of enthusiasts: Véronika, 2015 world champion in doubles, and her husband Tomas. We’ve learned that Gympole is one of the few brands that is entirely made in Europe and the poles are mounted and tested in the Gympole workshop in Prague.

Let’s look in detail, why we love the Gympole stage.

High quality European materials

It’s like cooking: if you want to get a good dish, it’s better to use good products. Believe me, we have already done many tests on the outfits.

In the stage there are 3 major parts that make the difference: the pole, the base and the bearing. Let’s see what Gympole offers us:

The pole is made of stainless steel from Italy unlike all other bars made from Chinese stainless steel of lower quality. The poles are polished until they shine perfectly. This treatment gives them a very good grip.

The base is made from solid wood from the Czech Republic. Each base is unique and has its own design. The base is separated into 6 triangles and is finished by hand with a special wax to protect the base from liquids and scratches.

The bearing is very important to have a good spin. The Czechs do not laugh at all: they use oversized bearings of high quality to guarantee a good spin.

Stage Gympole: the highest and the most stable pole dance stage

Stage Gympole: the highest and the most stable pole dance stage

Easy assembly

But materials don’t do everything! Those who need to set up and dismount the stage very often know how hard it can be. One would think that some stages were thought to be mounted once in their life.

That’s why Gympole became our favorite pole stage. It can be assembled in 5 minutes and the process becomes a pleasure! The entire system is very well thought out:

The feet are fixed on the central part and screwed in an innovative way for more security and rigidity.

The triangles of the base slide under the central part, no need to screw them in addition.

The pole is assembled thanks to an innovative Gympole process without screw, hyper fast and easy.

And in addition to that, the centerpiece contains a One-click system that allows you to switch from static mode to spinning in one movement.

Today is the fastest stage to set up. If, like me, you do not like complex systems, this stage is for you!


If you use the stage for shoots, shows and performances, security is super important. You will never feel comfortable enough if you do not trust the pole you’re using and the audience will inevitably feel it.

We often look for the lightest stage. But the problem is that the lighter it is, the less stable it is. We tested enough poles to see the difference. And I should say that we were pleasantly surprised by the Gympole stage: it has both the height (3.16 m in total) and stability. Why? Again, because it’s well thought out: it’s heavy and has a pretty big base. We asked Olga Trifonova to test the stage. It passed our test successfully even with Olga’s aerial style with very wide movements!

Another advantage of this stage is that it offers a large dance floor (1.84 m in diameter) and has no feet that come out (!) and can hurt you if you take the wrong feet in it.

Finally, the One-click system is protected by a cache to prevent the transition from spinning to static mode in the middle of your performance.

Aesthetic pleasure and a good marketing image

Whether for brands or artists, it’s important to create a beautiful, positive image of what we’re doing. Here everything counts: the decorations, the costume, the performance itself … And when we use the stage, it becomes a central piece (after the artist of course!).

If everything is perfect but one detail is wrong, we will focus our attention on it. So if you want to leave an impeccable impression, you have to look after every detail. And with regard to pole, the Gympole stage will help you create a chic and noble image.

Indeed, the solid wood base and the metal of the pole, create a modern image, sophisticated and upscale. If you want to give an impression of something precious during shoots or shows, this is the perfect choice for you.

The best pole for photos, videos and performances thanks to its professional and chic look

Use Gympole Stage to create great photos, videos and performances thanks to its professional and chic look

Who should invest in a Gympole stage

Despite all the qualities mentioned above, this podium would not be suitable for everyone. Indeed, if you are looking for a cheap and lightweight stage that you use twice a year, an stage of another brand could be enough.

It’s worth it to invest in a Gympole stage if:

  • You often do performances and shows and the stage is your main working tool. In this case, you save your time (and nerves) while assembly / disassembly and gain height and stability. The overall image you give to the audience will be classy, ​​professional and elegant.
  • You often use the stage and enjoy reliable, ergonomic and high quality objects. If you prefer to invest in a sustainable and well thought out podium, it’s a perfect choice. Gympole manufactures its poles and stages entirely in Europe with high quality materials (and thus more durable), gives a guarantee of 2 years and allows to replace each piece separately if necessary.
  • This stage can also be a good investment for photographers who specialize in pole dance photography.
High stability, security, elegance & perfect spin: main characteristics of Gympole Stage

Gympole Stage is so easy and nice to use that we want to fly on again and again

How to get an stage or other Gympole product

We were so seduced by the Gympole stage that we decided to create a partnership with the brand to make the distribution in France and neighboring countries easier. Gympole products are not low-end and delivery from the Czech Republic is expensive. To make the investment more profitable for you, we organize group orders to minimize shipping costs.

We offer the following Gympole products:

Gympole stage with a pole in 2 pieces.

Active Gympole (innovative pole that screws into the ground for outdoor practice) in 2 pieces.

Stage + Active Package (with good economy: only 375€ more than the stage alone)

Flying Pole Pro (with or without silicone coating)

For more information, contact us by email: or via the contact form.


Stable & secure: Gympole stage is made for demanding pole athletes and performers

The Gympole Stage accompanies your moves staying super stable. Feel in security while performing

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