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While I was looking for the new partners for our Pole & Me Fairies program, Olga told me to check the profile of Lorenza Perrone on Instagram. Wow! I was astonished by her unique style, her creative mind, the beauty of her movements and her inspiring endless combos! Sure I wanted to collaborate with such a talented girl! And I was happy when she said yes!

It’s with her that we’re starting our new Fairy project. We’ll make a small video of a duo Olga + our fairies (you’ll find the one with Lorenza below) and publish an exclusive interview with each of these amazing girls. We’ll start with Lorenza today, the girl full of surprises. Be sure you read up to the end, it’s super interesting!

Let’s go!

Name : Lorenza Perrone

Age : 24 years old

From : Rome, Italy

Profession : pole dancer, pole instructor

•When and how did you start pole dancing ? What is your pole story ?

I started pole dancing 6 years ago when I was 18 and just finished my high school. Before that I used to dance in a choreo with my best friend and then we’ve left it and stopped doing sports during 5 years. But we’ve promised to each other that we’ll always dance together. So we were just studying and hanging out with friends and doing all the crazy stuff you do in the high school. Then I went to the University. My best friend got a flyer of the Vertical Dolls studio here in Rome. We went there and I have fallen in love with pole. At the beginning I was telling : “No, I’m not coming. I’m shy , I’m not going to take my clothes off and dance around the pole.” And when we came there we really had fun.

•How did you start to teach ?

I started to teach in the same studio and I loved it a lot. At the same time I understood that the university was not for me. I always danced and never thought it could become part of my job life where I can enjoy my work and express myself. So I started to look at it under another angle. Maybe it could become my future? Actually I still don’t know if it’s my future but it’s my present. For sure, I love teaching, it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

•When did you open your own studio ?

After 3 years of teaching I opened my own studio with my sister Eugenia and my brother in law Mattia. Opening a studio was definitely not in our program but we were caught by a beautiful opportunity. Now we all teach here at Monkey Lab Aerial Studio.

•What attracts you in pole dancing ?

Endless possibilities. In pole dance you don’t have the standards. Actually there are but you can break them to create something new. I don’t like the rules, I don’t like the standards. I like when I can express myself freely.

•Do you have a favorite style?

Yes, certainly, something flowy and low movements like floorwork half height of the pole. It’s good, you can make endless combos and it feels like you’re flying. Actually it’s a cliche that if you want to fly you should go up the pole. And just because I don’t like the rules, I stay down… If you go up, I’ll go down, if you go down, I’ll go up… Just to break the rules. )))

•You practice other sports (climbing & capoeira, crossfit) does it help you in your pole performance ?

Sure, it helps me in many ways. Both in physical aspect of pole dance because if you do different disciplines your body is balanced because you get injured when you always do the same things. But if you try to move in different ways it helps you to stay healthy. And then I really need to get inspiration from somewhere else because I easily get bored so I can’t do just one thing. I can’t dance on the same song during three months like for a competition. So I need to get inspiration from something else. And I get inspiration from other forms of movement, from walking in the street, from colors, from music, from forms, from shapes and then I can mix for example the capoeira techniques with pole movements, they are so similar. I love to mix things.

Crédit photo : Stefano Roscetti

• So capoeira for the movement, climbing for balance and position of the body in the space, crossfit for muscles, do you do something else ?

I also go sometimes to a floorwork class. It’s so cool. The floor is just another tool and so you can move horizontally. You can do the same things that you do vertically.

• Your style is quite different. How did you manage to find your own style ?

Just spending time doing freestyle. Doing easy things can really help you to find your style because the hard things oblige you to use the technique. And the easier things allow you to relax a little bit and just go with the music. So the easiest thing help you to research, feel and move in your own way. Then you can work on harder things.

• Today pole dancers are looking for a better performance. Do you do something special to stay in form (special diet, strength exercises, special training program) ?

I don’t follow any diet. My mother let us always eat healthy so I don’t need junk food (I eat sometimes). Si I just eat when I’m hungry. And my training program is a lot out of the pole. If I count hours that I spend on pole, it’s less than the time I spend for the other activities.

• Can you give us an example of you weeks’ activities ?

It depends on if I want to train on pole or not. But usually at least 3 days per week I spend on pole (2-3 hours per day). But if I have a not pole mood maybe I won’t touch the pole during two weeks for my personal training (I still give classes). 2 – 3 times per week capoeira, 2 days functional training and climbing from time to time. In general I train at least 2 hours per day.

• And do you have rest days ?

No… Maybe Sunday. I like to spend my time outside at nature with my boyfriend. But I like to spend my time actively : for example walking.

• You’ve never participated in a competition. Why ?

I actually have participated in a competition a long time ago. But…I forgot my routine and so I did a free style. That was really a shocking experience. Well, I mean, I worked a lot, I spent hours and hours to create that routine and then just in one second everything went to waste. I was disappointed by myself. But at the same time I realised that I don’t really like to compete. It’s just like a conversation with myself when I move and I think I don’t really like to involve other people in this conversation. So maybe I’m a little bit autistic. ))) And I don’t get satisfaction in performing. I don’t like watching myself, I just like feeling the flow. So yes, it’s only about my pole, me and my camera because it’s very important to work on the aesthetic side. In this way you can watch your videos and even if you don’t like it, you can improve some things.

• How do you manage to stay motivated ?

Doing other things and the music is also one of my most important inspirations. So if I listen to a new song, I really need to move on it. And then my students are my huge motivation. I have two types of pole trainings : one for myself and one for my students. If I don’t train for them, I can’t give them something new. So my students motivate me a lot.

• Do you have any favorite pole dancers that you follow for inspiration ?

Yes, Michelle Stanek, I love her. She’s like my pole mum. I had the Expert certification with her and so she was my first real teacher. She taught me not only to do pole dancing but also to teach pole dancing. So I see what kind of teacher I want to be. And there are many others : Marlo, Steven, Oona, Natalia Tatarintseva (I love her legs!), Phoenix Kazree, I have a huge list of people inspiring me!  A lot of pole dancers are an inspiration, even not so known. Today there are many videos than you can watch on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube and find a lot of inspiration even in easy spins or pretty shapes.

• Do you have a pole dream ?

Be a student more often. )))

Crédit photo : Erredieffe

• You’re now one of the Pole & Me partners. What did you make to accept our partnership offer ? Are you satisfied with it ? What do you think about the clothes ?

I love your clothes. My mother always bought me only well designed clothes. So I like well designed clothes and good fabrics. For Pole & Me even the packaging small bag is so cool. Even the details show that it’s a very good quality. And you feel than people really worked on it. I accepted because I saw the shape on someone else. I can’t wear everything and try to choose tops with a good maintain. Actually I saw your tops had maintain and bra cups inside. And the exchange is equal : it’s good for us to collaborate with a brand, it gives satisfaction to see your work valued. And then I’m really conditioned from what I wear and what I do in my training. Your clothes make me feel really sporty and make me feel strong. I often wear baggy clothes and sometimes this makes me lazy. In your clothes I train more difficult things. My favorite outfit is the green (Coquette). It’s nice because I’ve never seen that, it looks like one piece. Thanks to the belt is seems connected to the other piece and that’s cool.



As you can see, not only she’s a truly creative person but she also give you some tips on how to find your own style, where you can find more inspiration and more. Isn’t her story inspiring? Hope you’ve enjoyed the reading. Be sure to follow Lorenza on Facebook and Instagram and like and share her interview!

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