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Nous continuons notre série d’interview et de vidéos avec nos partenaires (Pole & Me Fairies). La première interview avec Lorenza Perrone vous a beaucoup plu ce qui me rend très heureuse! Celle ci, avec Louise Wawrzynska, est tout aussi passionnante! Et comme la dernière fois, vous trouverez une magnifique vidéo avec Louise et Olga dans le corps de l’article.

Louise est un véritable bijou de pole : une petite jeune femme toute menue qui a une philosophie de vie intéressante et un style de pole juste parfait. Elle est très connue dans le monde d’Instagram, l’outil indispensable pour suivre ses idoles et trouver de l’inspiration! J’avoue que je me sens très chanceuse de pouvoir travailler avec des personnes comme Louise, douces, féminines, originales, qui reflètent parfaitement l’image de la marque Pole & Me.

Mais ce n’est pas ça que vous voulez savoir, non? Passons aux choses sérieuses! 🙂

Name : Louise Wawrzynska

Age : 26 years old

From :Denmark. Louise has Polish origins and is now based in Milan

Profession : pole dancer, pole instructor at Milan Pole Dance Studio

  • When and how did you start pole dancing ? What is your pole story ?

I got into pole dancing in 2010, after seeing a video of a girl performing on the internet. I signed up for a class in a school close to my town. After a month or so I was asked if I would like to be a part of the instructor team and that is how it all began. It happened very fast, I only took few classes and the rest is mostly self-taught.

  • So you’re kind of a born pole teacher?
I guess you can put it that way.
  • That shouldn’t be so easy to learn and to teach at the same time?

I think it was interesting, but at times hard. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do a trick and understanding the proper technique but at the same time I enjoyed the process.

  • Do you think your learning process was faster because of that?

Good question. I think having a teacher has its advantages because you have someone with knowledge that can guide you through the steps, spot you and also show you different ways to do a move. How fast you learn depends on many thing. Pole dancing was quite new back then in Denmark, so I had to learn by watching videos on YouTube of Jenyne Butterfly, Zoraya Judd, Felix Cane among others. So in my case I kind of skipped the basics and went straight to inverts and intermediate tricks.

  • What attracts you in pole dancing ?

What attract me the most is the infinite possibilities and styles – it can be so many things, sporty, artistic, exotic and you can create your own language and keep developing because there’s always something new to work on.  In addition it’s a great & fun workout.

Photo credit : Jan Teller – www.tellers.dk

  • Did you practice other sports before pole dancing?

I did. From I was 9 -11 I did sports acrobatics  (acrobatic gymnastics), where my dad was my coach. But I stopped after two years, as it didn’t really catch my interest. I have always been quite active and I have tried everything from going to fitness, horse riding, handball, and boxing to different styles of dancing. But I never stuck to it for long, until I tried pole dancing. It was simply different!

  • And now, do you practice other disciplines?

From time to time I take modern dance classes, but not very often unfortunately. I’d like to attend more dance classes and start taking ballet classes as well. I did yoga, but because of my weak wrists I had to stop.

  • You have kind of perfectly fluid flying style. How did you manage to find your own style ? How do you work to make your flow so perfect ?

Thank you SO much!! It is a very good question. I think I spent a lot of time practicing alone in the studio. Not necessarily on the pole but also off the pole. Actually one of my favorite things to do is to freestyle to songs that I don’t know. In that way I feel that I am moving more freely around the pole and flowing with the music. Usually that is when I happen to create some of my better flows.

So I think it can be good to practice alone, put on some music and just try to move around, close your eyes and just feel the music. Choose some tricks you’re comfortable doing and play with them – slow them down, speed them up, try another angle, play with lines etc. I like to experiment with shapes, try to make them my own way and see what happens if I continue. We’re all different and not all shapes work for everyone.

  • Yes, it’s a lot about the feeling.

Definitely. I also believe that music makes you feel, but silence can be powerful too. Sometimes I turn off the music and just move.

  • Where do find inspiration?

In everything! A lot of my inspiration comes from music. Music makes me want to move, and when I listen to music I can start creating movements in my head – which I then try. Instagram and YouTube are also great platforms for inspiration. It is where I get my daily inspiration. I really enjoy watching videos of contemporary dance as well. It is so beautiful & inspiring.

  • Today pole dancers are looking for better performance. Do you do something special to stay in form and be so thin (special diet, special training program)?

Eat many croissants and chocolate (kidding) :))) I am a Pescetarian, so I eat fish, eggs, dairy but not meat. Other than that I don’t follow any special diet or training program. I try to eat clean and organic as much as possible; I get my greens, never eat fast food or drink soda. But at the same time I also allow myself to go out and eat a big bowl of pasta or croissants (I LOVE pastries) if I feel like. I believe it’s all about balance and we should enjoy life – Even if that means eating pastry or having a glass of wine.

  • What about special exercices? Do you have a special program or you do only pole?

Just pole. But I do a long warm-up, the same one every time, where I include some dynamic yoga, dance and ballet exercises.

Photo credit : Jan Teller – www.tellers.dk

  • You have participated in different competitions. How many ? Do you enjoy competing ? What does it give to you ?

I’ve participated in six competitions. Actually I have this love-hate relationship with competitions. I love being on stage, performing in front of an audience and feeling the energy. Having the opportunity to share a piece of me, a story – that’s amazing. What I don’t like is the competing and judging part. So whenever I do a competition I do it for me, not to place. I always try to think about it not as a competition but as an opportunity to meet and share with other pole dancers. The energy and support backstage is always amazing!

  • But you know, there are also pole dancers who go to the competitions to become famous and get invited with the workshops. What do you think about it ?

We are all different and have different goals. I think competing is a great way to get your work out, and it also gives you visibility.

  • Have you ever ranked in top 3 ?

Yes, several times. I placed 1st in Pole dance Competition Copenhagen 2013, 3rd Pole Art France 2015, and last year I placed 1st in Pole Theatre Paris 2016 – pole art category. Which was so unexpected. Actually the first thing I did after running my routine was calling my mother to tell her how horribly it went. So I was very surprised when they called me as the winner of my category.

Photo by Pole Theatre UK 2015

  • How do you manage to stay motivated ?

I find my motivation in a lot of things. People, movies, books, music and of course my students. I also have days where I don’t want to pole dance. In that case I take some time off and do something else instead, stay home and watch Netflix, enjoy the nature or go out with friends etc. To give body and mind some rest.

  • Do you have any favorite pole dancers that you follow for inspiration ?

There are too many to choose! To mention a few: Marlo Fisken, Yvonne Smink, Olga T., Brandon Grimm, Phoenix Kazree, Tiffany Jane and soooo many more. But I also follow many not so known pole dancers, dancers and artists in other disciplines. What really inspires and motivates me are my students, they never fail to inspire me with their determination.

  • Do you have a pole dream ?

I hope I will have the opportunity to meet, teach, learn & share with more pole dancers around the world. We have such a strong community; the amount of support & encouragement I see on social media is amazing. Another pole dream is to work as a performer in a show.

  • You’re now one of the Pole & Me Fairies. What did you make to accept our partnership offer ? Are you satisfied with it ?

I’m super excited about this. I really like the idea behind the brand and when I first spoke to you I was met with kindness and honesty about this collaboration. I have been super satisfied with both my outfits. It is good quality, very comfortable and stays in place. I like that it has a bit padding too☺ My favorite is the Coquette set, it is super cute and I love the strappy details; it gives the outfit a very elegant touch.

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