About Pole & Me

Hi everyone!

I am Antonina, creator of the pole dance clothing brand Pole & Me. Today we are unanimously recognized by our customers for the high quality of our outfits.

How did we get there?

Like you, I practice pole dance and I like quality clothes. Unfortunately some years ago I was looking for clothes that meet my standards but did not find them, clothes that combine design, comfort and quality, clothes that motivate and give confidence.

So I decided to sew my outfits myself while I did not know how to sew. I bought a sewing machine. I tamed it and created, after some tests, my first outfit. Of course, the quality was far from the one we have today. But when I went to my pole class, the girls loved the result. This experience inspired me to create my own brand. I got into the adventure with passion. I wanted all the girls to be able to wear quality clothes, to feel free and fully focused during the trainings.

However, great difficulties awaited us. I teamed up with a Designer, Johanne Labruyière, who brought us her know-how in one-piece cutting. As soon as the first models were designed, we started the crowdfunding campaign. It was at this point that the bank refused us the financing and the factory where we planned to produce our collection sent us the prototypes of such an awful quality that I wouldn’t have dared even to distribute them for free. The collection was more than 6 months late, we felt a huge pressure.

But the hardest was to know that even though it was not our fault, the collection was getting late and our customers were waiting. We have encountered a major problem: today most factories and brands aim for low costs and not high quality.

It was a difficult time but we refused to give up. To achieve a really good result, we had to change three times production units and countries, increase the manufacturing budget and at the same time reduce the number of models and colours in the collection.

But it was worth it! The quality was amazing! We were able to send all the pre-orders and received a lot of positive feedback and continue to receive it today. Our customers are happy, what could be better ?