Pole dance athlete’s life. Exclusive interview with Olga Trifonova.

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Olga Trifonova, pole dancer, Pole & Me brand ambassador

Olga Trifonova, Pole & Me brand ambassador / Photo credit : www.unjourextra.com

Olga’s 13 and she became almost a mythical figure of the pole dance world. The « alien », a nickname given to her by the pole dance community, follows her everywhere, in every corner of the world. We decided to make a series of interviews with Olga through which you will learn more about Olga, an great athlete and an exceptional person. But before you start reading, we invite you to read her biography and view some of her videos here.

How did you get into pole dance world?

Olga: When I was 8 and a half, I spent my vacations in Crimea with my aunt and my grandmother. At that time my aunt was taking pole classes and I was doing nothing but staying at home, drawing and eating pastries and other sweets. One day we went with my aunt to a sports park where she was training flags and handsprings. I thought it was super cool and I said “hey, I want to try too.” And boom, I managed to make a small flag on the first attempt. And she understood that she should send me to pole dance classes. She said it was fun to look at me, I was curious to try different things. That’s how we started to train together. But my aunt tells I started to ask her to take me to a pole dance studio already from the age of six but she thought I was too small. It’s true that I was small, I even do not remember about that.

What did you do before pole dance ? It seems that you were taking gym or dance classes.

Olga: As I said, I did nothing. I was doing some music during three years but when I started my pole dance trainings, I had to choose between the two. Of course I’ve chosen the pole! But I have not practiced any sport before the pole dance.

It’s incredible! How do you train to achieve such results, how often?

Olga: Generally, I train every day. I usually start my training around 8 pm and I have about 3 hours for my training. After it’s getting dark and I have one hour and a half to get home. So I only have 3 hours to train. But as Pink Puma (Polina Volchek) told me one day : in three hours one can do a lot of things we do not do in six hours when we have time. You just make some more efforts, start training and don’t lose your precious time.

Where do you currently train?

Olga: I started and I trained during 5 years at the studio Trash (in St Petersburg). We have lived many things together, it was a good experience. Now I train everywhere, I am in contact with many studios. Currently, I train most often at Pole Dance Style studio where sometimes we train together with Vladimir Karachunov and Kristina Dumanskaya. But I also like to change atmosphere from time to time.

What does your typical day looks like? How de you manage to handle everything?

Olga: My day starts at 7.30 a.m. After I go to school. Classes start at 9am and end at 3 p.m. and this year perhaps at 4 p.m. So it will be harder to manage. Then I come home, I eat and I do my homework. I try to finish everything before 6 – 7 p.m. and then I go to training. If I don’t finish before 7 p.m., I don’t have enough time to go to training. It takes me an hour and a half to go to pole dance studio where I arrive around 8 – 8:30 p.m. and, as I have said earlier, I have three hours in front of me for my training.

Olga Trifonova, pole dancer, Pole & Me brand ambassador

Olga Trifonova, Pole & Me brand ambassador / Photo credit : www.unjourextra.com

You have a very intense life, not so simple for a teenager, who supports you?

Olga: there are many people who support me. First of all, my family makes a lot for me so that I can continue to train with the same intensity. My family helps me with everything from homework to the preparation of competitions.

Of course, Tonia, my manager, who is always there to support me, to whom I can always ask any questions that bother me.

Finally, all nice and openminded people around me: my classmates, my friends, they all support me. I do not reveal my weaknesses at all (but do not worry, I have them too!) But very close people help me a lot to overcome them. Also all the studios where I go are really supportive, they give me the possibility to train and push me when they see that I need some external motivation.

Many people have the impression that your life is super busy and it’s impossible to manage everything and to have time for everything. What do you think about it?

Olga: No, I think it is possible to manage everything. I just do a little more of something one day than another day. For example, I can spend more time for my studies and have a longer break between pole dance trainings and another day I can do more pole because I have less homework to do. We just have to change occupations and know the limits.

Do you get tired from such a rhythm ?

Olga: No, overall I like it. Sure it happens to me to be tired. In this case I get a little rest and have more fun the next day rather than forcing myself. I do not want to force myself too much and lose the pleasure of doing new things. When you do a little bit less, there is always more space for creativity. I think we just should know the right measure.

Your life looks as an adult one: a tight schedule, many trainings, trips … Do you have the time to live your life as a child, to hang out with your friends?

Olga: Of course I do not have time to hang out in the streets and climb the trees … But I see my friends at school, we have a lot of common topics and is always a lot of fun, it’s enough for me. I also have many friends among pole dancers who are older than me. With them we also have a lot of topics and I learn a lot from them because they are older. Sometimes I try to be like them but in my own way and it gives new things, it’s nice. I love to travel, meet new people, make new friends. I love this.

Olga Trifonova, pole dancer, Pole & Me brand ambassador

Olga Trifonova, Pole & Me brand ambassador / Photo credit : www.unjourextra.com

If you had the choice between a standard teen’s life or your own life, what would you choose?

Olga: I love my own life, I want no other.

Do you feel like you have real friends?

Olga: Yes, I have true friends. First of all, I am a great friend for my own. Before other friends, we should be our own friends and trust ourselves. But apart from that, yes, I have many friends and it’s great.

Do you think you have a real childhood?

Olga: It all depends on how we define childhood. I think we have all one more or less, even adults. But adults do not always allow themselves to live it. Personally, I like to ask myself every day a new question and try to find the answer. This does not keep me from letting me go and being true and taking things easy at other times.

It’s difficult not to ask you about some more professional issues. Evgeny Greshilov has recently launched his online school, OpenDance Academy. There will also be classes with you?

Olga: Yes, Evgeny has launched an online school OpenDance Academy and I am in. There is a lot of interesting content taught by well-known pole dancers. I learned during the video shootings as a teacher and as a student, it was very interesting. The shooting took place one year ago, when I was just starting to teach and it helped me a lot.

What is the format of classes offered by Pole Dance Academy ?

Olga: It’s an interesting concept because there are lots of people who do not dare to come and take classes at a studio or do not have enough money or opportunities, there are different situations. And this school helps a lot, I think it’s a good solution for those people. And it also a great help for others who want to go further, to see different things.

The videos are 3-5 minutes long depending on the difficulty, and explain in details each item, or combo, dance transition. Each element is explained very well, I think the format is really good, Evgeny can be proud of him. And I’m glad to be part of this new adventure.

Olga Trifonova, pole dancer, Pole & Me brand ambassador

Olga Trifonova, Pole & Me brand ambassador / Photo credit : www.unjourextra.com

In addition to being a student, an athlete and a teacher, one year ago you became Pole & Me brand ambassador. What do you think about your partnership?

Olga: I am happy and proud to be an ambassador of Pole & Me. I love the brand, the clothes that are very comfortable, the fabrics are great, it’s original. I strongly believe we can do something different and great.

I am very grateful because Pole & Me supports me a lot. I would never be able to go to as many championships as last season. Pole & Me helped me to achieve my dreams. As a sponsored athlete, I could go to four championships, this is a real chance, I appreciate it a lot!

Apart from that, our partnership is a very rich experience that makes me grow. We work a lot together, we inspire each other, allow ourselves to dream and make it real. One can have an idea and not say “too difficult” or “impossible” but see how we can achieve it. This was the case for a video shoot this summer (which will be released during the year) where we went with backpacks in a magical place that was not very accessible. It’s great to have crazy ideas in which everyone participates and to do everything to get it real. We grow together and it’s great. Now we will move more often together. It’s cool to be not only partners but also good friends.

You have already seen one half of the world, in what are the next countries would you like to go?

Olga: To the other half of the world! 🙂

Where can we see you this season?

Olga: I’ll start this season with a fall tour with workshops in Zurich, Switzerland, and then I’ll be in Pole Art Cyprus and Italy Halloween Pole Camp and workshops in Naples and Verona. For the rest of the year, the schedule starts to fill in, you can follow my page where I share the events in which I participate.

Olga thank you for sharing! In the following interview we will talk about Olga’s workouts, competitions and more! Feel free to leave your questions here, we will ask them pleasure to Olga during our next trip together! Meanwhile, if you liked this article, please like it, share and comment!

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