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Who of us has already set goals at the beginning of the year to ultimately never reach them? We all said one day: « Tomorrow I will stop » or « Tomorrow I will start », and tomorrow never arrived. And then a new year comes and full of hope, we launch: « This year my objective is the middle split» or: « Objective: Iron X » or another: « This year I want to do a handstand » … And that’s really great to want to progress and set goals but how many good resolutions have you already managed to achieve? It became like a ritual to announce these goals to everyone on Facebook at the beginning of the year, forget their existence a week later and start again the following year.

And you know what? It’s normal that it happens that way! It happened to each person to give up in front of his own goal and not to know how to reach it. And it’s not because you’re weak or not motivated. On the contrary, you are full of enthusiasm and determination. You are so immersed in the process that you measure the results every day. But the results do not come quickly, you get discouraged but you resist until you give up completely. And believe me, it is ultra classic, you are not the only person to have this kind of problems! Actually, thousands of people repeat the same scenario every day in different spheres of their lives. I also had difficulties reaching my goals before I found some tricks that greatly helped me and that I want to share with you today.

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We both know that these goals are important to you and can really change your life if you reach them. They are so real that the results are almost palpable. And it’s always so frustrating not to  reach them when we’re so close. What I discovered in my research and experiments on myself is that we often attack our good resolution without any method.  As a result,  we demotivate quickly if the results are not immediate. But be sure, with the tricks I’ll give you, the task will become more feasible and enjoyable. This is not magic and all of it will probably not work for you. Still, it will give you ideas to look for tricks that suit you better!

Let’s go!

Check that your goal is SMART and positive!

In our society we must take some management studies before we can learn how to set goals in order to reach them. That’s weird because this is something we should learn in our childhood because we spend our lives setting goals and never reaching them. However, there are a few simple rules to set your goals:

  • Make sure that your objective is an affirmative sentence free of “not” or “no longer”. Why? Simply because our brain does not hear the negation. It will translate for example a sentence “In 2017 I do not want to eat pastries” by “In 2017 I want to eat pastries”. So express things rather as you would like them to be.
  • Make sure that your goal is SMART, that is Specific (and Simple), Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timed. For example “I want to get the middle split before the end of 2017”. It’s simple, clear, you can set up a measurement system, it’s realistic and there’s a deadline. You can find more information about the SMART method here:
  • Make sure that your objective is YOURS! There are lots of people who set goals that they do not like at all, but which are dictated by society or people around them. And then we are surprised that it is difficult to reach them! I do not know how it works for you, but I often tend to do the opposite of what is required of me or that I am obliged to do. Not you? That’s why it’s so important to listen to your heart and feel: what will the achievement of this goal bring beautiful in your life? To make the process even more effective, try to feel how you will feel when you will reach the desired result. For example, I am not flexible by nature and manage to do pancake straddle split was for me an absolute dream. I could even feel how good I will be in my body when I’ll be more flexible. This little technique gives a lot of motivation, I really encourage you to test it!
Olga Trifonova, strongest pole dancer

Olga Trifonova, Pole & Me brand ambassador / Photo credit :

Cut the goal into smaller sections and define a schedule

This is a very important step! Who has ever said « I want to lose two kilos after the holidays » and gave up? All this because we want the result to be fast (and preferably effortless). To succeed in your efforts, it is better to divide the big objective into smaller ones and to define a planning and a measurement system. You can fix the first small objective quite close, once reached it will give you motivation for the next step!

Set up monitoring of intermediate results

Follow-up is essential for your motivation! In fact, it is sometimes difficult to realize one’s progress, especially because we often have an inaccurate image of our progress.

For example, with two friends we decided to drink more water to better drain our body. All three of us were convinced that we were drinking a lot. To achieve this goal, we have installed an app (I will  give you more information about it soon in an article completely devoted to water). So we could check if we were drinking our water standard during the day. We were more than surprised how little we were drinking! Thanks to the daily monitoring, we were able to improve this ratio and see, after a few weeks, some extraordinary results!

However, if you have longer term objectives such as weight loss or flexibility development, it is better to choose more spaced steps with measurements every 15 days or a month, according to the original goal.

Olga Trifonova, best pole dancer ever

Olga Trifonova, Pole & Me brand ambassador / Photo credit :

Find an appropriate environment and tools, create a ritual

It is common for everyone to give up when we are alone face to face with our goal. If you want to give you every chance to succeed, think about finding tools and an environment that can help you and create a real ritual. If your goal is to make a middle split, you can join a stretching class or find an application. You can also find a friend or a person on social networks who has the same goal. You can then support each other and share your successes and challenges. Finally, the ritual will allow you to be sure that you dedicate time to your goal every day. For example, in the case of the middle split, it is enough to decide that you’ll give 30 minutes a day to your objective while watching your favorite series! Little by little it will become part of your habits.

Enjoy the process and thank you for the effort

Most of the time you focus so much on the result that you completely forget to try to take pleasure  of the process. Nevertheless, taking pleasure from the process we are far more likely to achieve the goal and without suffering so much. Why 99% of diets do not work? Because the diet is synonymous with privations! By changing one’s eating habits according to some simple rules (I am not speaking here about the « balanced meal » communicated by the media), without starving but feeling pleasure from eating in this way, it is possible to stay thin for years and not going up and down like we’re used to do. Seek for more pleasure during the journey to the goal, take it as a game with gains and obstacles to overcome! And to help you, adopt this technique: thank yourself and your body for their efforts, express your pride and encourage them to go even further! You can also imagine a gift for yourself for each step accomplished: a massage, a new pole dance outfit or other. (Try it, it works!)

Olga trifonova, pole dancer

Olga Trifonova, Pole & Me brand ambassador / Photo credit :

Follow the rule of 1 – 2 – 5 minutes

When you really don’t have any time (or you think you do not have the time) or motivation, use the 5-minute rule. It will help you « manipulate » your brain which will always find you billions of excuses not to do what you have to do. Say you will only spend, say, 1, 2 or 5 minutes on your stretch mat, that’s all. It’s easy 5 minutes, right? You will be surprised that after 5 minutes you will   be still on the mat doing your stretches! What really works it’s not a big effort from time to time but  regularity. The more regular your efforts are, the faster the results will come.

Now, you know the few main rules that will allow you to succeed and be proud of you at the end of the year! You can also add to your strategy social networks, for example the photos before / after have a lot of popularity and will give you an extra motivation by the community! Good luck!

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